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Oversee the Seminar Planning Committee and Corporate Operations Café Committee

Seminar Planning Committee

Mission: The Seminar Planning Committee organizes seminars that carry out JCCNC’s general mission and reinforce its presence in Northern California.

The Seminar Planning Committee achieves this mission by:
- Holding seminars on topics such as:
   - Enhancing U.S.-Japan commercial business relationship
   - Current business topics that are of interest to JCCNC member companies
   - Topics in non-business areas related to the community that are aligned with JCCNC’s mission
- Providing a platform that encourages networking and deepens mutual understanding among JCCNC member companies

Corporate Operations Café Committee

Mission: The Corporate Operations Café Committee aims to provide JCCNC members with a platform to casually discuss common operations issues and share best practices with all members of the JCCNC.

The Café Committee achieves this mission by:
- Holding regular meetings (usually once a month) with JCCNC members who are in charge of corporate operations: HR, general affairs and accounting
- Establishing a communication network among JCCNC members to casually consult with other members regarding their day-to-day back-office operations issues and concerns
- Collaborating with the Seminar Planning Committee to set up seminars which address common specific themes and issues related to corporate operations