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Oversee the Golf Committee and New Year’s Party Committee

Golf Committee

Mission: The Golf Committee fosters friendships, enrichens relationships, and provides an outlet for physical activity for the benefit of member companies and their employees.

The Golf Committee achieves this mission by:
- Planning, organizing, and supporting an annual golf tournament. Members of the committee decide the date, location, and every detail for producing a high quality tournament each Spring
- Recruiting volunteers for support prior to the tournament
- Soliciting tee-sponsors, prizes and donations from member companies
- Ensuring that the golf tournament serves as a platform for enjoyment as well as fostering open communication to enrich relationships among member companies
- Continuing to support and recommend the potential companies to join the JCCNC
- Solicit donations from member companies for sponsorship and prizes

New Year’s Party Committee

Mission: The New Year’s Party Committee encourages non-members to become JCCNC members as well as promoting interactions among the JCCNC members through our annual New Year’s Party event.

The New Year’s Party Committee achieves this mission by:
- Planning the New Year's Party Dinner Show
- Selecting an artist
- Selling table sponsorships and individual tickets
- Requesting advertisement and donation for door prizes
- Overseeing all preparations to ensure a smooth and successful New Year's party