About us

Planning Division

Oversee the Human Resources Committee, Membership Committee, Public Relations Committee and Business Association Committee

Human Resources Committee

Mission: The Human Resources Committee supports the JCCNC in its efforts to maintain a positive, fun and efficient work environment for its employees and member companies.

The Human Resources Committee achieves this mission by:
- Establishing a nomination committee and recommending new Cabinet members and Executive Committee (EC) members at the beginning of the year
- Organizing the committee structure to ensure cultivation of future leaders of the JCCNC; The current focus is to implement a vice chair in each committee
- Handling Human Resources administration for the JCCNC office

Membership Committee

Mission: The Membership Committee is responsible for attracting new member companies who will become the next core members and further expanding membership to achieve the goals and objectives of the JCCNC.

The Membership Committee achieves this mission by:
- Organizing events to attract and expose JCCNC to potential new membership companies
- Seeking collaboration with other JCCNC committees such as Seminar Committee to introduce the benefits of JCCNC activities
- Reinforcing ties with external organizations such as the Consulate General of Japan and JETRO to establish relationship with the companies which are new to the Bay Area

Public Relations Committee

Mission: The Public Relations Committee promotes and elevates the awareness of the JCCNC and its activities to JCCNC members and to the world.

The Public Relations Committee achieves this mission by:
- Publishing the JCCNC News
- Disseminating information about JCCNC events and committee activities over the website and other media to its members and the larger business community
- Collecting and sharing information that will build business relationships and create opportunities for its members
- Supporting JCCNC’s efforts in achieving membership growth by strengthening relationships with Japanese-American and Japanese businesses

Business Association Committee

Mission: The Business Association Committee promotes JCCNC’s activities more efficiently by working in close cooperation with other Japanese Chambers of Commerce and Japanese business organizations in the US.

The Business Association Committee achieves these goals by:
- Holding quarterly telephone meetings to exchange information on each organization’s activities, challenges, and solutions.
- Holding an annual face-to-face meeting to share common challenges, discuss solutions, and devise plans for implementation of solutions.